Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Weekend was decent. Left work a little early Friday, packed up my gear, dropped my dog off at my former roommate's house, picked up GTIAGO, and headed to Steamboat Friday evening. It was a great drive. The scenery on that route is just awesome.

Stopped in Silverthorne for food and checked into our hotel about 7. Made a run into town and spent the rest of the night drinking mead, visiting the hot tubs upstairs, you know, stuff like that. Slept in Saturday morning (because we can, I mean, what's the point of slopeside accommodations if not for that?) and spent the day alternately snowboarding and visiting the hotel room to add/remove clothing and/or grab beer. It alternately was sunny, whiteout-snow, and raining. It was hard to dress appropriately for that.

Went out for a really nice dinner that night (Italian) and had a bottle of wine. Had a brief moment of Skankojama texting drama but resolved it pretty quickly, and moved onto the hot tubs once again. Had an excellent breakfast at Creekside yesterday morning and got back just in time for Easter dinner with GTIAGO's family and family friends. I was all nervous but it was actually really, really fun, and the food was awesome.

Now I am tired and feeling really fat. Um, that's about it. Totally awesome weekend. How was your EASTER?!

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