Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now I Am Starting To Feel Like I Am Twelve...

Weekend was awesome, surprise birthday party for my old roommate on Friday night and some bars afterwards, snowboarding on 21 inches of new powder on Saturday (I've started hitting the terrain park, OHMIFRIKKINGAH who ever thought I would see the day), dinner with GTIAGO's parents on Sunday night...blah blah blah.

So, I should just pretty much start a blog about the weird, random, funny, or otherwise annoying shit that happens with facebook. I am seriously thisclose to just deleting my account and being done with it.

Skankojama (that's what I am calling GTIAGO's former banging partner) hasn't been calling at 4 am, right, since he told her not to. Cool. She has, however, called a few times inviting "us both" to do things, claiming she wants to meet me, that we can all be friends even though they aren't banging anymore. Despite the fact that I really don't *need* anymore friends, I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Despite having um, literally BEEN her in the past, and having a gut feeling that her motive lies more in getting (any) attention from GTIAGO than in being "friends" with me, I still have tried to roll with this situation. Because jealousy is stupid and doesn't get you anywhere, and it's not really my style anyway. I am way too hot and cool to worry about this, right?

So, when we woke up on Sunday morning and she had called the night before to invite "us" to a concert this coming weekend, I asked GTIAGO if I could just contact her. You know, email her or something, offer to have us all grab a beer sometime, whatever. I'm trying to be all chill about this, right. He's been totally stressing over it, because she obviously isn't catching onto the "stop calling me" thing he's called her twice now to tell her. He was contemplating blocking her number via T-mobile, for blog's sake! Lame. Plus it kinda makes me look like a crazy girlfriend, you know, if he starts taking drastic measures like that. Like I maybe told him to do something like that, which I never would. I mean, drama, drama, drama. Don't need it. Let's just embrace the psychopath and move on, shall we?

So I facebooked her. I mean, not as though I have her number, and besides, wouldn't THAT be an awkward phone call? We have mutual friends so I sent her a friend request and a message that literally said the following:

"Hey Skankojama! (okay, of course I called her by her actual name there) I'm GTIAGO's girlfriend and he said he didn't mind if I like, contacted you. So, I heard your message about the concert and it sounds cool, you should send me some details and maybe we can all meet up. Otherwise we should all grab a beer or something sometime! Hope you got to keep your 303 number, LOL."

That last part was in reference to her status, which was about how she had broken her cell phone and was worried about losing her 303 area code phone number.

Anyway. Trying to be cool, nonjealous chick here.

She rejected my friend request! The nerve!

And, this is what she sent me back:

"The concert might be lame but I need a support team.

I hate it when old friends go MIA because they get a girlfriend. Give GTIAGO my love and thanks for friending me."

Is that even remotely a normal response? Give GTIAGO my love? Um, I'll get right on that one, skank. Notice she didn't take me up on my beer offer. Or give me any real information about the concert she wants "us" to go to so badly. Um, yeah, it totally seems like she's just DYING to meet me and for us all to hang out. Which is what she's been telling GTIAGO for the last few weeks.

Lame. I feel like I made my effort to be nice about this and got back catty bullshit. So, I am absolved from any further responsibility to be cool about this, right? I mean, I can just ignore it from now on, and then shank her if we are all hanging out together and she makes some kind of move on him? Right?

At least it's crystal clear that what I have been saying this entire time - that she really has no legitimate interest in being friends with ME - is true. She won't even be my facebook friend (sob, sniff)!

Whatev. Guess who got invited to Easter Dinner by GTIAGO's parents? And guess who got invited despite the fact that he finally came clean and told them last week that I am, technically, still married? Yeah, bitches. Not Skankojama.

Speaking of married, I (finally) got a revised settlement agreement back yesterday from Soon-To-Be-Ex-Husband's attorney, and sent some revisions back to HER last night. Being an attorney getting divorced is super fun, let me tell you. Hopefully she can get to those today and we can get this shit filed and done with. We have a court date set on Monday the 13th and if we can get it settled before then, we don't actually have to show up, which would be SIIIIIIICK.

Nothing like procrastination.

Work is kicking my ass. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I don't have anything very cool going on right now...obviously...facebook drama and snowboarding. That, and work, and revising my own divorce documents, is kind of all that I've been up to...


  1. Wow what a total fucking WHORE!!!!!! Dude, you are on to her shit and he should block her stalker ass. WTF?? Do not hang out with her you will stomp her ass. The fucking nerve!!!!

  2. PS-go check out my blog from the weekend, super fun.

  3. Stay away from the skankogirl. It's a bad idea. Sometimes trying to be the more mature one makes you feel more bitter.

    Maybe that's the Stepmother in me talking.


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