Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Karma's a Bitch

I actually kind of believe in karma. I'm not Buddhist or anything, but I really do think everything happens for a reason and that you can learn and grow from every experience, even the bad ones. And that a lot of times the things that are happening to you in your life, especially the ones that make you say "WTF?!" are an attempt by the Universe (or God, or your soul, or wtf ever you believe in, if anything) to show you in some way that you have maybe not been as compassionate or understanding of someone else, and their life, and their experiences.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up Saturday morning to a text - a very, very dirty text - from 4 am the night before. I'm not going to say who it was from or anything else about it except that I can't repeat what it said, and I haven't talked to the person who sent it since before I met GTIAGO. Since New Year's Eve, in fact.

I told GTIAGO. I mean, he's been totally straightforward about Skankojama, so I figure I had to be.

It was totally karma biting me in the ass, showing me the subtle nuances of unattached banging. Because this guy was very much to me what Skankojama was to GTIAGO, I am pretty sure. Of course, I didn't carry on with him for a YEAR (who does that, anyway?! still blows my mind). I had met him while I was still married (nothing happened then) and he seemed like a good choice for a quiet, low key, down and dirty interaction. We had one sort of mutual friend that wasn't even really HIS friend, more of a friend of a friend. We were NOT in a relationship and neither of us even remotely WANTED to be in a relationship at the time, or possibly with one another, at all. He's incredibly good looking, but also incredibly narcissistic and selfish and focused on his career. We went out a few times and went snowboarding once and then I kind of made an ass out of myself on New Year's Eve and took his number out of my phone. And met GTIAGO a week or so later and never talked to this dude again.

Not that I couldn't. He's my facebook friend (again with the facebook! ack!) and if I really wanted to see him, I probably could.

So that was a fun convo. All the hardass positions I had been taking with GTIAGO suddenly came back on me. Do I really need to call him and explicitly tell him he can't text me, that I have a boyfriend? Can't I just ignore it and hope he doesn't text me again? If he DOES text me again, but it's not sexual, can we be "friends" on some level? Does GTIAGO want to go have a beer with him sometime (that was mostly sarcasm)? And I heard myself saying the words..."you don't know the details of the situation or our relationship..." that so infuriated me when GTIAGO said them to me...nice. And then there's a teensy, tiny part of me that tells me I don't want to be rude or totally burn that bridge. Because, after all, things might not work out with GTIAGO. And this guy does have the most amazing green eyes...

And then I wonder if GTIAGO is thinking the same thing about Skankojama. Karma's a bitch. And then you die.

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  1. Funny.

    In the sort of way that I can enjoy your stories because I have no ecxplicit texts coming my way any time soon and have no consequences attached to them.


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